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Suman Dubey

Former editor of Indian Express, managing editor of India Today and one-time media advisor to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“Edmundson has set himself a wonderful canvas.  Tales from the Himalaya  recounts gripping episodes whose political fallout continues and will affect the region for the foreseeable future. This is a timely book.  The author brings to the subject a unique perspective as both explorer and analyst.”


A tour de force if ever there was one! Wide-ranging doesn't even start to describe the book! It is wonderfully well produced, and the great photos and images add so much. Many congratulations! It deserves to be very widely read.


General Sir Sam Cowan

Colonel Commandant of the Brigade of Gurkhas, author of "Essays on Nepal"

“Tales from the Himalaya” is Henry Edmundson's personal perspective of diverse aspects that impact life and living in this region. After over five decades of trekking and climbing in the Himalayan mountains, Henry is in a position of authority to mark the changes that have occurred over time and how people from various walks of life have been impacted by them.                 Having developed an affinity and understanding of the people he has interacted and associated with, Henry shows a deep insight into the cultural, religious, societal and political composition of the local inhabitants.

           The book is categorised under the themes of religion, geological understanding, regional politics and societal constructs to highlight the life of people here. The impact of historical events has been analysed from the perspective of these four themes and how they shape and influence modern society in the Himalayas.

            With remarkable pictures, illustrations and maps, Henry Edmundson has brought to life each of these stories. The gripping accounts, his insight and depth while presenting an understanding of the entire Himalayan region is unique and outstanding. This book is a rare combination of history, geography, society and politics that can cater to a wide range of audience.                              Smruthi Ranganthan

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I have just finished reading your absolutely excellent book … it is worth every penny, over 400 pages with some lovely illustrations, excellent maps and photos--it is stuffed with information. It is beautifully organised, deeply researched and a lovely blend of your own personal experience of walking through the mountains with a profound knowledge of the region’s geology, history and culture. I cannot think of any recent book on the Himalayas from which I have learnt more.


Alan Macfarlane

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

Fellow of King’s College

University of Cambridge

“Eating lunch in a remote lodge in Khumjung, Nepal in 2015, Henry Edmundson and his trekking companion experience a loud, violent and destructive earthquake. Such is the crucible of the science section of his Tales  from the Himalaya. This is the work of a polymath, passionately interested in the way geology, geomorphology, climate, fauna, flora and ethnology are all intricately bound to the restless Himalayas.

      He reviews the history of expeditions and the efforts of naturalists over the last 250 years to understand the magnificent scenery and all it supports. As the narrative proceeds it becomes ever more sharply focussed on geology and those pioneers who contributed to the modern realisation that the dynamics of the Himalayas are truly global in scale and irresistible, in every sense.

      Edmundson displays a true empathy with the early explorers for the simple reason that he has walked in their footsteps and has an equally keen eye for all about him; he is a latter-day Sir Joseph Hooker. Tales from the Himalaya is beautifully illustrated and a delight to read.”

Dr Peter Dolan

Fellow of the Geological Society of London

"Henry Edmundson has filled an important gap in the literature with this very readable study of the history of exploration of the Himalayas. Focusing on the individuals responsible for geological advances, Edmundson breathes life into the extraordinary story of how a diverse group of geologists and cartographers brought us to today’s understanding of this, the world’s largest mountain chain."

Dr Daniel Clark-Lowes

Fellow of the Geological Society and founder of HimalayanGeoTours

"Edmundson has picked a few of the most interesting episodes in Himalayan history, thoroughly researched them, and then woven them into a book of captivating interest.  The scope is as wide as the Himalaya and the details equally fascinating.  There are many climbing books, and many history books, but this is a rare combination. Tales from the Himalaya  is  not to be missed! "

Dan Jantzen

Former Nepal aid professional and Himalayan archivist.